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Coming Home to Concho


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July 31st 1927 was the first service of what is now know as Concho Baptist Church. Rev. A.W. Fechner came to Coleman with the desire to gather together a Baptist Church on the South end of the city. For five weeks he canvassed and "awakened interest" of the people of South Coleman to begin the church.

The first building was built at the cost of $325.00 of which $200 was paid in cash from donations in the community. The building was erected on solely donated labor. 

Services were continually held at this location at the Corner of Pecos & 11th until 1954 when the building could no longer hold those attending.



In 1954 the original building could not hold the number of congregants anymore. George Hipsher donated a lot between Concho and Commercial streets where the church erected a building for worship just north of the original building on Concho Street. George Hipsher did most of the work on the tabernacle without any pay.

On May 30, 1956, a new tabernacle was completed at the corner of Concho and West 10th Streets. The front steps were the last to be poured and the date is still visible in the concrete. Dedication services for the new tabernacle of the Concho Baptist Church were held on August 26, 1956. 



It has been 94 Years since the citizens of Coleman saw the need for a congregation on the South side of town.

Today we continue to carry the torch for the values and beliefs that were established almost a century go. We still believe the Bible to be the Sole Authority of Faith and Practice. We still hold to a local community based church without pressure from non local entities. We still see the value of every person that walks though our doors. We really do believe and practice being a family.



Just a short time ago the church raised the funds without a loan to complete remodel the Sanctuary. Cody Chambers a church member and local contractor completed the beautiful job!



A lot has happened in 94 years, but one thing has remained the same. People still need the Lord. Though we have sacrficied greatly to see the work in Coleman done to the best of our ability, we also see the need to do as A.W. Fechner did. We must send the Gospel and establish churches where the need is the greatest.

In April 2021, we took the leap of faith to start a new way of continuing our goal of sending the Gospel, Faith Promise Missions. Will you consider joining us as we Pray, Give, and Go proclaiming the Gospel in Coleman County and to the ends of the Earth?

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Would you consider Coming Home to Concho? A church of longstanding Biblical truth & family values!

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